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Great company!

I had a front gate with odd-shaped posts that needed caps. The custom Saltire copper post caps fit perfectly! And the front gate looks great now.

Bill Darby
Perfect fit and great workmanship

I ordered eight of the Saltire Copper Post Caps, all custom size, and provided dimensions to the 1/16 inch. I received post caps that fit perfectly -- no effort (forcing) needed to install them and no movement when installed. -- in short, a completely perfect fit. I installed all eight caps, using Liquid Nails, as recommended, in under 30 minutes. I was impressed that the bottom edges of the caps aren't raw; the copper stock is folded over inside the cap to provide a beautifully smooth bottom edge. That feature, in my opinion, also provides a bit of a spring action to secure the caps against the post and eliminate any movement. Delivery was very quick, especially given that this was all custom work. Moreover, I contacted the seller a few times with questions and the responses were complete, clear, and provided virtually immediately. I can think of nothing that could have been done to improve this experience, and I can provide an enthusiastic recommendation. Great!

M O'Neill
Nice Fit!

I bought several copper post caps for a project in a mountain town that receives over 400 inches of snow per year. The caps provided were fabricated quickly to the dimensions requested with very tight tolerances. The workmanship was top notch and the look is exactly what was promised. Based on this experience I expect to purchase more caps in the future for other projects.

Custom size was a good idea

I just wanted to say your caps are great. I ended up getting a custom size, and the Saltire cap look great and fit perfectly. They arrived quickly and were easy to install.

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