Move out Winter, here comes Spring!

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Move out Winter, here comes Spring!

Spring is almost here and may we say thank goodness! Don’t get us wrong, we love the great views and moisture we get with winter especially with us being so close to the Sierra Nevadas. The one thing we could do without is the slow workload. Sure, it comes with the trade but, we love to be active. Spring marks the beginning of construction season and that we love! Before you get your next home project started there is one thing that needs to be done first, routine maintenance. Checking out your roof, beams, and posts will lead to less headaches down the road and more green in your wallet!

One of the most expensive parts of your home to replace is your roof. Winter can tear your roof apart. So, it’s recommended that you check your roof every spring. To fully inspect your roof for damage we recommend hiring a licensed roofer to check your roof but there are a couple of things you can do to maintain your roof this spring. The high winter winds can bring trash to your gutters which can clog them up causing water to pile up on your roof from May showers. Checking the inside walls for water rings or damage is also an important step for maintaining your roof. Finding water stains or actual water seeping in could mean broken shingles or a poorly installed flashing.

Your roof is not the only part of your home that can be mistreated by the winter months. Your deck and fence posts can be damaged by that frigid time. Unprotected posts can start to rot from the top down or if they have not been stained, they can rot from the bottom to the top. Those high winds can break your fence posts even if they are not rotten at all. Living in Nevada we see these all the time. To maintain your posts, make sure they are not broken bellow the ground. They should be firm when pushed and not have too much waggle room. With fences make sure railings or boards aren’t broken as well.

Beams are another part of your roof that can be damaged during the winter. The winter can get moisture to settle on top of the beams. These beams can split and become weak. If beams are on your roof, they can compromise its integrity. To protect your beams, you need sealant and of course beam caps!

Your spring preparation is not over yet. If you have a deck or fence, make sure they will be ready for this summer’s heat as well as winter’s cold. The first step is to protect that fence or deck. The first step is to clean the fence or deck from any debris. Keeping the wood clean will let you determine if the wood needs to be sealed again. Usually, sealant needs to be applied every two years. It all depends on what sealer you would be using.

With the weather warming up, we know you’re already thinking of your next home improvement projects. One thing you should not overlook while dreaming of your new project is maintaining your current projects. Doing some spring maintenance on your home will save you from expensive headaches!

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