Wet Weather Is Trouble

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Wet Weather Is Trouble

Wet Weather Is Trouble

“Winter is Coming” The famous family words from House Stark, (I may be a Game of Thrones nerd) are an ill omen that spells disaster for those living in Westeros! For those of us living here on Earth, “winter is coming” means one thing: “Wet weather is trouble.” Winter brings lots of inconveniences such as defrosting your car, scraping the windows, and driving slowly on slick roads. Winter can also bring expensive repair costs to unprotected deck and fence posts. 

When your post was a tree, water was a good thing! It, along with the sun, made that tree grow big and strong. Once it became a post however, water turned into one of its worst enemies. Water loves to seep into the post and pool on top or at the base leaving the wood to rot. As it rots, your post becomes structurally weak and leaves it helpless to the wind or a simple nudge from the neighborhood kids. “Wet weather is trouble!” it would cry out as it topples over, taking your fence with it and leaving you with a hefty repair cost.

Luckily your fence and deck posts don’t have to succumb to their motto: “Wet Weather Is Trouble.” There is an easy way to stop the weather from taking your posts’ life. It is handy-dandy post caps! Post caps and tops are easy to install and will protect your post for the remainder of its life! Our post caps are built a bit larger than the post itself, so water simply slides off. We use durable metals to craft post caps with hemmed edges and flanged, locked, and sealed corners, so that we never sacrifice quality for aesthetics. 

Our post caps come in a variety of styles so that you will never have to compromise the appearance of your home. From simple and elegant to those inspired by Saint Andrew’s Flag, we believe our post caps will elevate and enhance the beauty of your home.

If you're not particularly handy, don't worry, installing a post cap is a snap! All that is needed to install is simple construction adhesive. We even have a handy guide that lists how to install post caps step by step.

Maybe if Ned Stark had invested in post caps he wouldn’t have lost his head to King Joffrey! Har har.

If you have any questions about post caps contact us.

With their luxurious caps, your posts will beg to differ when they hear, "Wet weather is trouble".

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