The Patina Process

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The Patina Process

I have seen the Patina Process and it is Beautiful

I have had the pleasure this year in learning the patina process. The more I work with it, the more I love it. I will admit, I was the one that said “why do you WANT to make it look old? It's so beautiful as raw copper!” And this coming from the girl who loves rustic, old fashioned architecture.

There was something about covering up the shine that just made me a little edgy. If it was going to turn anyway, let it turn, but the shine was so beautiful! Like perfect snow the morning after a storm, I know it will not last forever, but I don’t want to be the one to disturb it. Well, I feel that way no longer. Adding patina gives you so much control over the aging process of copper. It adds a rich depth to the metal that changes the look from modern, clean, cold to old fashioned, warm, welcoming. 

I love the process: watching the copper darken, then seeing reds and oranges emerge from the metal like a sunset. In only moments, the reds deepen into browns until it reaches a dark chocolate color. You can stop the process at any time to achieve the shade you want, or even add colors such as green or black. That is what I love the most: finding the perfect color for each creation. 

I am hooked!


To see the patina process first hand, take a look at our copper beam caps. Don't be afraid of the Patina Process, embrace it!

The wonders of the patina process

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