Get Ready for Painted Galvanized Steel

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Get Ready for Painted Galvanized Steel

Drumroll Please, As We Introduce Painted Galvanized Steel

Stop the presses! For your convenience we have added a new material! We are introducing painted galvanized steel for post, beam, and fence caps. And that’s not all! We can create step flashing and drip edges with these guys!

This new line is made from MS Colorfast painted metal. A multi-layer coating system using premium ceramic and inorganic pigment provide for exceptional color, durability and gloss retention. Using the highest quality products and paint, the color will last for decades to come without you ever needing to repaint. 

Perhaps the best feature that our painted galvanized steel allows us to bring you is customization. Each product made from painted steel has vast color choices. The right one to make your house "one-of-a-kind" is only a few mouse clicks away! Take a look at all our painted galvanized steel options such as our post, our beam, and our fence caps! If you have any questions about our painted galvanized steel or any other products contact us.

Take a look at our Low Profile Painted Galvanized Steel Post cap

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