Meet our Saltire Post Caps

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Meet our Saltire Post Caps

Introducing our Saltire Post Cap

We are currently working on developing a new product line, the Saltire Post Cap. They were inspired by St. Andrews Cross which has been used on shields, flags and architecture throughout history. It is most notably shown on the Scottish flag.

The Saltire Post Cap is very similar to our Square Post Cap, but it has an X-shaped cross break on the top giving it a pyramid like appearance. These ridges stiffen the face of the metal, strengthening the post cap without adding bulk. Cross breaks are often used on machine enclosures and duct work because the added rigidity allows for less air flow vibrations, therefore reducing noise. For our post caps, the saltire design provides a cost saving way to create a stronger product.

Our Saltire Post Cap works the same way as any post cap - as a barrier to weather damage. Placed on top of your post where the wood is most vulnerable to moisture, the Saltire Post Cap provides an effective means of protection. Just like the shields of old Scotland, instead of guarding against swords and spears, St. Andrews Cross will shield your posts from the elements!

Freshly made saltire post cap

Our Saltire Post Cap is available in all four of the high quality materials provided at Sheet Metal Caps - rustic copper, sleek stainless steel, subtle painted galvanized steel, and spangled galvanized steel. Choose the style that works for you or talk to our boss, Paul to learn about our custom options like patina finishes. If you would like more information on our Saltire Post Cap, please contact us.

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