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Trimming Beam Caps

How to Trim Beam Caps?

So your beam cap arrived but for an unforeseen reason it needs to be trimmed. That’s ok we got your back! To trim a beam cap you will need the following tools: A pen or awl, a construction square, tape measure and thin snips.

*Please wear proper safety equipment, like gloves and eye protection, when handling sheet metal products and tools.

   1) Measure the length of the beam (distance from house to beam end) and add 1/8” to allow a proper fit. Beam length can vary, so be sure to measure each beam.

   2) Mark the beam cap, with your pen or awl at the appropriate measurement from the face. Remember to add 1/8” to the beam measurement to assure a proper fit.

   3) Using your square, draw a line along the width of the cap and down to the two sides.

   4) Carefully cut excess cap using tin snips.

That’s it! Your beam cap is trimmed and ready to protect your beams! If you need additional help please contact us! We will gladly help with all installation questions! We thank you for taking the time to visit our “How To” guide!