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Copper Beam Cap

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Copper Beam Cap

Select the correct size range for the largest dimension from the drop down list. Provide the EXACT width and length of your beam(s) in the comments box in the cart, and we will add 1/16" to the inside dimension for proper fit.

Example: 3 3/8" wide x 9 1/8" long will be fabricated 3 7/16" x 9 3/16" x 2" Sides

-- Measure twice order once. Beam Caps are fabricated to order. No Returns --

  • Optional kick (drip edge) along the bottom 1/2" of the sides.
  • Custom fabricated to fit your beam
  • Made with three sides and one end open.
  • Protects exposed beams from sun and weather damage
  • Made from solid C110 99%, uncoated copper
  • 2" hemmed sides provide a smooth finish (not customizable)
  • Install in minutes using a common construction adhesive

Exposed beams may start to show wear after only a few years leading to costly repairs down the road. Our Copper Beam Caps will protect your beams from weather damage as well as make your home unique! All of our caps are custom made from a single piece of solid copper. One of the best attributes about copper is its unique patina process. Over time, copper caps will naturally oxidize to a range of colors without sacrificing the integrity of the metal. Beam Caps are virtually maintenance free with no painting or staining necessary. Non-reactive copper is compatible with adhesive chemicals. We offer custom sizing to suit the needs of your home

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