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Copper Splash Guard

  • 3400

Copper Splash Guard

Please contact us for custom sizing!

  • Fabricated from solid, uncoated copper
  • Will naturally develop a protective patina over time
  • Protects the side of your home from water damage.

At Sheet Metal Caps, we have a high regard for copper aesthetics. Whether you prefer the shiny luster of treated copper or the rustic appeal of a natural patina, copper home decor products always add charm to your home. Our Copper Splash Guards are no exception. Splash guards are designed to protect the wall against water damage from the splashing that comes from spigots, spouts, and drains. Excess moisture may cause small annoyances like lime deposits on the side of your house or big headaches like rotting or leaks. Our Copper Splash Guards come in a variety of sizes but we also take custom orders. Each of our Copper Splash Guards are hand crafted from a single sheet of solid, uncoated copper. Non-corrosive and low-maintenance, Copper Splash Guards over a beautiful solution to an often overlooked home weakness.

In the unfortunate event that your splash guard is damaged during shipping please contact us right away. To prevent fingerprints while installing you should use clean gloves. We take pride in the products that we have developed. If you have any suggestions for a better product or purchasing experience please let us knowWe thank you for taking the time to view our Copper Splash Guard product page!

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