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7% Challenge

Posted by Laura Kiralla on

7% Challenge Starts Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow starts the 6 month journey to great health with Paul’s 7% Challenge!

Paul and Rebecca have challenged everyone at Sheet Metal Caps and our families to join them for the 7% Challenge! This is a 6 month overall health improvement challenge. You set your own goals towards better health, but most of us are choosing to lose 7% of our overall weight. Other ideas include increasing muscle mass by 7%, eliminating one bad eating habit a month, or scheduling regular workouts. 

The 7% challenge starts January 1, 2014, and ends June 30, 2014. This challenge is NOT is a New Year’s Resolution. We chose January 1st to allow us to enjoy our time with our families over the holiday season and indulge in all the decadence we could handle without guilt or temptation looming over our heads. Plus we think Santa might need some help with all those cookies!

December 31 will be a celebration of a great year ended and a last ditch effort for one more slice of pie. By participating in this challenge we hope to decrease our body weight, and change our diet/exercising habits for years to come. Come midnight, we start the 7% Challenge.

Each week, Laura will post a devotional verse that will help motivate us and keep us going, as well as a mini-goal: a small recommended change in routine or diet that is easy to stick to but has positive effects to overall health. Neither is required to continue with the challenge. How will we do? Who will break the 7% Challenge? (No one we hope). We’ll just have to wait until July 1st. We hope to share it with the world and hope you’ll be with us then.

We encourage you to try this challenge. If have any questions or would like to share your results on the 7% Challenge let us know!

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